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Cabbage and Chicken Soup Diet - Recipe and Diet Plan


The Cabbage and Chicken Soup diet achieves its weight loss goal by severely reducing the number of calories that are consumed. It is a variation of the famous Cabbage Soup Diet and offers an alternative to those who require more variety in their meals and makes it easier for users to stick to the plan.


The cabbage and chicken soup is prepared by using a head of shredded cabbage, four stalks of chopped celery, two green peppers, five carrots, a 16oz can of tomatoes, two onions, two cups of vegetable juice, two cups of chicken broth, and half a pound of green beans. Saute the onions in a pot (use spray oil for this) then add all the ingredients above and heat to boil. Towards the end add any herbs and spices that suit your taste. Simmer until cooked.

Diet Plan:

A cabbage and chicken soup diet works best when you follow the rules and eat as much soup as you want for a period of seven days.

Avoid eating bread and consuming alcohol or sugary drinks, such as sodas. Drink plenty of water as this not only helps the diet but is important for your health.

Breakfast Day 1:

Combine a cup of vanilla non-fat yogurt with half a cup of chopped fruit salad. This can be sprinkled with wheat germ.

Breakfast Day 2:

Combine half a teaspoon of sugar with 1 cup of ricotta cheese and a sprinkling of cinnamon.
Two pieces of wheat-grain slices of toast.
Three dried figs.

Breakfast Day 3:

One and a half cups of whole cereal.
Half cup of orange juice, preferably calcium enriched.
Half cup of non-fat milk.

Breakfast Day 4:

A small whole-meal bagel with an ounce of low fat, melted cheddar cheese.
Half a cup of prune juice.

Breakfast Day 5:

One and a half cups of cooked Wheatena Cereal.
Half a cup of non-fat milk.

For subsequent days, choose any breakfast from the list above. You may eat any one of these breakfast dishes each day and, for other meals, as much of the cabbage and chicken soup as you want. Bananas and skimmed milk may be added on day four. On the fifth day 10-20 oz of chicken may also be added to your eating plan.

Staying on the diet beyond seven days is not recommended. This is a diet for losing weight in the short term (3-5 days).

Special Concerns:

Because of the low consumption of carbohydrates, blood sugar levels will be low and this can cause hypoglycemia. Symptoms include headache, drowsiness, sweating, irritability and and anxiety. If this happens, eat a sandwich with whole-grain bread, a slice of ham and a piece of low fat cheese. Do not use butter or margarine. An alternative is a low fat cheese and tomato sandwich. If these symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

The cabbage and chicken soup diet is not intended as a continuing diet plan, so after one week you must be prepared to move on to a safer, more sustainable and healthier eating strategy. There are some excellent programs available for long-term use which continue the work you have started to get your body into shape.

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