Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work? The Good Points and the Bad Points

cabbage soup diet best recipe.

Is 10 pounds in 7 days possible? Well actually yes it is possible, and it does work, for a short while anyways. This miracle soup diet has been around for a long time, and many people who uses this soup says it work wonders.

The soup has ingredients that would obviously in some how or another burn calories. You can eat as much as you want at any given time and lose a lot of weight just by eating this soup, and without eating anything else, except for what's in the seven day plan.

I've tried this soup myself 3 years ago and I have to admit, I was really impressed from the weight I lost in just a weeks time. Although it was hard to stick by the rules because I wasn't use to eating this type of food, I managed to get by and survive it with.

The cabbage soup varies a bit, but it contains cabbage and other vegetables that I clearly don't adore. It's like a day by day plan telling you want to eat each day.

There are certain days you can have certain things. Like on day one, you can just have the cabbage soup along with any fruit except for bananas, then there's a day you can have all the bananas and milk you want. You even get to have a potato on the second day along with some veggies, yummy. Yummy is for the potato.

Here's the recipe I used to lose weight.

1. Two stalks of chopped celery
2. One can diced tomatoes
3. Two quarts of water
4. One chopped onion
5. One cup of chopped parsley
6. Can't leave out the cabbage can we? One shredded head of cabbage
7. Two shredded carrots

Does this sound like grandma's beef stew? If so, then you will love this, and will have no problem playing by the rules.

Please note that this diet isn't suited for long term. It's only has short term benefits. Yes you lose the weight really fast, but there are side effects such as light headed, low concentration level for many people, and it can also decrease your energy. Don't get happy yet, because once you lose all this weight with all the hard work you put into it, the weight you lost can easily be gained right back, even as fast as you lost it.

Once you go off the diet, your appetite will strike rocket high, higher than it was before you went on the diet. I lost 12 pounds on this 7 day diet plan, and guess what? I gained it all back within 3 weeks because I was so hungry, and it was so hard to control.

If you decide to try this diet, I wish you the best in the weight you're trying to lose.

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cabbage soup diet best recipe.