Sunday, October 11, 2009

Looking for the Best Diet for Acne?

If you are suffering from acne you have probably at one time or another looked for the best acne treatment to solve your current problem, chances are you are still looking for a more effective solution than the one you are actually using.
With the scientific studies getting more and more close to finding the real causes of acne it is becoming clearer that your diet can play an important role in your acne breakout. So discovering the best diet for acne can really help you get rid of your problem.
What Causes Acne
There are many factors that contribute to acne, but one of the main causes is the Sebaceus gland and the Propionibacterium. But what are those? The Sebaceus glands are responsible for secreting oil so that your skin remains moisturized, on the other hand the Propionibacterium is a bacteria that is found on your skin and it feeds on this oil. Acne can be caused when the bacteria begins to grow as a result of the amount of oil on your skin creating a chain reaction that results in acne.
The Best Diet for Acne
The best diet for acne is a very effective treatment to prevent and help treat your acne problem but on top of that it's an important step in your overall health. These types of diet will often include the consumption of lots of water. Water will make sure your body is always hydrated but will also play an important role in flushing toxins from our bodies.
Here are some of the ingredients you should avoid as much as possible in your diet for acne:
- Nuts- Sugar- Dairy
On the other hand there are some ingredients you should consider adding into your diet for acne. Ingredients like:
- Fish ( If you don't like fish consider taking some kind of fish oil supplement)- Vegetables
These types of ingredients will make sure you have a good diet for acne but will also help you with your overall health.
Discovering what is the best acne diet for you is actually very simple; you just need to find a good and balance diet. The best acne diet of all is simply the same diet you would have if you were looking for a healthy diet.
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