Saturday, July 11, 2009

Success - The Best Weight Loss Motivation

Can I make a rather obvious point?

Here it is - motivation is the number one cause of diet failure.

And here's another shocker: the truth is that most diets will deliver results.

That is if the dieter is willing to stay the course long enough. However, if staying the course means suffering through hours of hunger pangs, or enduring the low-carb grouchies with nothing but pure willpower, the odds of success are pretty bleak. To put it bluntly, this kind of dieting experience is a motivational nightmare.

So aside from a dream diet of Oreo cookies and ice cream, what is the best way for us mere mortals to stay the course? The best way is to start seeing successes quickly.

Success = Motivation

Here's what I mean.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow 12 lbs lighter. You would start to see definition in your thighs, and you could fit into jeans that hadn't see daylight in years. You'd be giddy as you get comments from friends and relatives, and all this success would build in you a sense of joy and accomplishment.

These "side effects" of success would a real shot in the arm to your motivation.

So, all things considered equal, diets that deliver rapid fat loss are going to give you the biggest reason to continue. That reason being the desire to keep your fat loss momentum going.

In other words, getting quick results has a symbiotic, or "snowball," effect on the success of your diet. Quick results, deliver excitement, and excitement gives birth to discipline, and discipline grows into successful habits.

Physiological Effects Of Hormones

As important as motivation is, it would be foolishness to assume that what was going on physically didn't have some influence on your dieting success. After all your body sends out nasty physiological signals when it is in need of nutrients. These physiological signals take the form of hunger pangs which have a negative impact on your motivation do they not?

So physiology is important, and with all the recent science bringing to light the rapid fat-loss effects that happen when specific hormones are called into play, hormones are now taking center stage in the modern diet strategy. The success of these diets can get you that motivation boost we've been talking about.

There are very few diet creators who truly understand the hormonal effects of foods. And there are even fewer plans that have hit the nail on the head when it comes to causing hormones to aid in rapid fat loss. However diets utilizing a macro-nutrient shifting protocol (also called "Calorie Shifting") are leading the way in effectiveness.

These types of diets boost the production of fat burning hormones and practically eliminate hunger pangs. Those factors, combined with the rapid fat loss, create a potent combination that keeps your motivation high.

Your one month older and still no closer to having hot hips and sexy thighs! So find out more about calorie shifting and specific plans...

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